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About Intimore™

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Calm & free with Intimore™

Intimore™ external cleansing
& soothing products

Intimore™ Classic
For all ages
Intimore™ Plus B3
For menopausal women
Intimore™ Fresh-Sensitive
During pregnancy or after, during menstruation or after swimming
Intimore™ Therapy
Soothing & healing for all ages
(with Sea Buckthorn oil)

Intimore™ Lubricating Gel
For vaginal dryness
Intimore™ Soothing Gel
Relieves itching & more
Intimore™ To-Go wipes
Feeling fresh all day
Intimore™ Nursing Mother Ointment
Soothes sore nipples during nursing
Intimore™ Nursing Pads
Absorbent breast pads


Based in New York City, Intimore Corporation distributes premium feminine hygiene products to consumers worldwide.
Committed to creating high-quality, natural products that are made specifically to meet women's needs, Intimore partners with a pharmaceutical manufacturer that has an 85-year history of producing first-class pharmaceutical prescription generic branded drugs and products, throughout the world.

Intimore products are set apart by their history, quality & standards:

History: Intimore is manufactured by a leading pharmaceutical company that has been operating since 1921. Intimore products make up the leading line in intimate wash.

At first, the Intimore™ Feminine Wash was introduced only to gynecologists for recommending to their patients. Now, Intimore™ Feminine Wash is available for you to use at home or on the go.

Ideal for use during your menstrual period or at any other time when you want to reduce odors, this external wash can be used daily and is suitable for girls and women in every stage at their life.

Quality: Intimore™ products have been specially formulated with women's needs in mind. All Intimore™ products have been developed to maintain optimal pH levels in a woman's intimate area, encourage healthy vaginal acidity, and promote the body's natural microbial balance, while also calming vaginal discharge and itching. Free of Parabens, SLS, and SLES, Intimore™ products reflect the company's dedication to developing only the highest quality feminine products for women worldwide.

Standards: Intimore™ products adheres to the most severe standards in the world and has approvals from the Israeli ministry of health and ISO standards.


Quality Assurance

  • These products meet strict international standards ISO 9001: 2000 (45)
  • Manufactured by a leading pharmaceutical company exist since 1921


ISO 9001:2000