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DermoLactic Products

DermoLactic is the only derma-cosmetic line with a pH3.5 for dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

Dermolactic builds and restores the skin’s acidic protective layer during a short period oftime, cleansing and providing nutrition to the skin. Based on three main ingredients:

  • Lactic Acid: An alpha hydroxy acid which supports renewal of cartinocytes cells and skin elasticity and maintains acidic pH which protects the stratum corneum skin layer.
  • Lactowax: Hydrophilic ingredients for skin enrichment, creates a protective layer to maintain skin moisture.
  • Lactoserum: For skin nutrition and enrichment, accelerates the division of epidermis cells, improves skin appearance (Lactose - provides energy to skin cells and produces lactic acid and Lactoalbumni - a protein which provides amino acids - required by the skin).

This combination prevents dryness, supports cell renewal, nourishes the skin with moisturizing components, protects against infections and improves the skinís appearance.

Why Choose DermoLactic?

  • DermoLactic is a unique skin treatment line tailored to adults alike both man and women.
  • Products with a 3.5 pH  protects the skin’s natural oily layer  which helps protect against infections
  • DermoLactic provides the skin with the required components to ensure Balanced acidity, cleansing, Moisture and nourishment.

Provides a solution to various skin problems:

  • Seasonal skin dryness
  • Diabetes patients
  • Atopic Dermatitis in children and adults
  • Diaper rash (from newborns)
  • Skin which has been damaged by detergents and chemicals

Suitable for all ages:

  • Hypo allergenic products for treating delicate and sensitive skin
  • Suitable for use in adults, children and babies
 Level of optimal acidity – pH3.5:

  • Healthy skin has an acidic pH level 
  • Dry and cracked skin is more vulnerable to infection
  • Acidic pH protects the skin with a protective coating 
  • Prolactic products are the only ones with a 3.5 pH level