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Intimore™ Product Range

Intimore™ external cleansing
& soothing products

Intimore™ Classic
For all ages
Intimore™ Plus B3
For menopausal women
Intimore™ Fresh-Sensitive
During pregnancy or after, during menstruation or after swimming
Intimore™ Therapy
Soothing & healing for all ages
(with Sea Buckthorn oil)

Intimore™ Lubricating Gel
For vaginal dryness
Intimore™ Soothing Gel
Relieves itching & more
Intimore™ To-Go wipes
Feeling fresh all day
The intimate care products women are looking for

Formulated with women's needs in mind, Intimore products range use special ingredients that make them truly unique next to other feminine cleansing products and Thanks to the diversity of the Intimore products, every woman can choose the one that is right for her. Daily use either with Intimore™ Classic, Intimore™ Fresh Sensitive, Intimore™ Therapy or Intimore™ Plus B3 liquid washes can help you to prevent changes in the imbalance of the organisms in the vagina.  The range also includes Intimore To-Go Intimate Cleansing Cloths for women on-the-go, a soothing application gel and a lubricating gel.

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Intimore Product Range Intimore Soothing GelIntimore SensitiveIntimore Therapy Intimore Intimate Wipes Intimore Plus B3 Intimore Product Images