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Sea Buckthorn oil

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  • Sea buckthorn is a deciduous species, widely distributed all over the world.
  • It contains different kinds of nutrients and bioactive substances such as vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, free amino acids.
  • Clinical trials and scientific studies during the 20th century confirmed the medicinal and nutritional value of sea buckthorn.

Urogenital Mucosa

In topical application Sea Buckthorn oils and preparations containing Sea Buckthorn oil improve the health of mucous membranes of the urogenital tract. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of sea buckthorn oils have been reported.

In topical treatment of patients with cervicitis, sea buckthorn seed oil and a suppository Shayoushuan (containing 50% sea buckthorn seed oil and other herbal ingredients) were very effective (18, 19). Wang (20) treated 30 patients suffering from partial erosion of the cervix with topically sprayed sea buckthorn seed oil, once a day. All the 30 cases were cured after 3 months of treatment.

Cervicitis and vaginal inflammation is often associated with decreased tissue levels of carotenoids and vitamin E, compounds enhancing differentiation and regeneration of epithelial cells (21, 22). The positive effect of the sea buckthorn oil and Shayoushuan suppository was probably related to its high content of natural carotenoids and vitamin E.

Analyses of sea buckthorn oil in the USSR showed contents of more than 180 mg/100 g of carotenoids (lycopenes and its derivants), VE 110 mg/100 g, oleic glyceride, fatty acid, citric acid and steric acid. Among them, corotene could form VA in vivo, facilitate metabolic normalisation and recover injured tissue. VE proved to be an anti-senilism substance, which could control proteo-metabolism and metabolism of nucleic acid and therefore counterattack tissue senility. The unsaturated fatty acid played an important part in repairing tissue. Sea buckthorn oil was produced by the former USSR, both for oral medication and for external application. It was used to treat radiation injuries, burns, vagina mucoctis mucitis, the endocervicitis, the erosion of the cervix, gastric and duodenal ulcer, and improved curative effects were obtained. These medical products had no toxic and side effects.